Guenisaa - Another Quest, Another Fellowship

Before she happened across the Fellowship of the Ring, Guen was lost and alone. She had flown far from her own kind, afraid of what would become of her should Ravina catch up with her. But in her urgency she had expended a great deal of energy and was growing tried and famished.

The necklace that fiend had given her held fell magic, a foul curse that stunted her magic and threatened to claim her mind. She could no longer change shape or size, could find no means of removing the beautiful shackle, and could only speak in a stilted, primitive fashion. Taken into care by the fair-haired Elf she found in this unfamiliar land, she found even her Dreamweaving somewhat diminished.

Still, she was able to reveal her true form to him if only in his mind and speak more fluently there. Their conversations helped her retain her sanity and her memory and slow the progression of the tainted magic's effects. In time, as they spent the nights on their journey in intimate company, they grew fond of one another. Eventually, they devised a method of counter-acting the curse and with joint effort safely removed the insidious object, allowing her to revert to Elven form in the waking world. It was thus that she continued to accompany the remainder of the Fellowship on their travels.

I survey the land below with eyes of sharpest scrutiny. I arrived here less than an hour ago and already I've been ushered away on a new quest, in search of a new fellowship. I will have to look well - the forest below is dense with verdant growth and shadows. But a dragonine Elf's eyes do not pass over details easily. There! I can see the path the small company has taken. I have only to follow it now.

Shortly after I found myself in the house, a very strange-looking human had approached me and thought he explained what had happened and where I was. When he grew impatient with my questions he thrust an enchanted tablet (made of what I can only liken to a sort of ceramic) into my hands and told me I would find all my answers there. But before I could begin to explore the workings of this scrying device, the man directed me to a blue door and handed me a satchel as well. I asked him what was inside.

'For someone of your rank?' came his cryptic reply, 'Just about anything, I guess.'

At this, I broke into a wide grin. 'Ah! Alenrea Bombadil had a bottomless bag! She won the boundless devotion of our Hobbit companions when she revealed she could produce infinite mushrooms from within it.' The memory makes me feel both warm and sad. 'She even helped drive off a company of Orcs by throwing a barrage of pointy objects from that bag.'

'I suppose it's just as well you have experience with this sort of thing, then,' said my escort, 'you may very well have need of pointy objects out there. Now listen. Normally, we'd let you get a little more acclimatised to your new reality in the safety of the house before we sent you out, but something's come up and we could really use a character of your ability.' He went on to tell me about an escaped captive (or so I understood) and the search party that had been formed not long before my arrival. 'Those people out there are unfamiliar with the way this world works and they may be under-equipped to deal with the dangers out there. But they were the best at hand and the Oubliette gave the order. It would be good to have someone of higher rank out there with them.'

So here I am, riding the winds above the dense forest of Rumplekammer, searching for companions I have yet to meet. I clutch the satchel in my talons. I've placed the mysterious tablet inside - I hope it doesn't get lost in there. Following the trail they've left, I soon spy movement below the canopy and begin my descent. I aim to land in front of them. It takes some maneuvering to avoid catching my wings on the branches. I set my bag lightly upon the moss and humus of the forest floor a few yards ahead of the motley band, my claws to follow. I fold my wings close to my small body and raise my head, turning it side to side that I might appraise them with each eye in turn.

They provide a lot to look at. Really, I could study them all day.

The End

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