Jaden - Something's Wrong

A crash from outside of the library causes me to jump.  I've only been here for a couple of days and already I'm used to the spontaneity of the place.  I quickly learned that you can't be totally sure what to expect in this place.   I hear Demure scream from the other room and I sigh as I close the book I had ben reading and stand up. 

If she had spent as much time researching this new world as she had moping around then she would know that as long as she's in this house she's perfectly safe.  I tried telling her a couple times but I don't think she's fully grasped it. 

I slip out of the library and follow the screams and am surprised to find that the screams are coming from the center of the house where the Transportation Room is.  From the sound of it, someone new had come to join us and wasn't making a very good impression on Demure.  

I round the corner and see a man, or what I think is a man, standing by the door of the Transportation Room.  He's holding onto the doorframe weakly and he's reaching out a robotic arm to Demure as if begging her to help him.  His legs are also robotic and his face is covered by a metal plate.  The whole image is slightly terrifying but I imagine he may be even more terrified. 

He doesn't seem to have good control of his legs and he takes a stumbling step toward Demure.  The girl screams again and takes a step back.  I am just about to take a step forward to great the man and hopefully get him some help when something both terrifying and fascinating happens:  Demure who had been cowering in the corner stands up and grabs the man's outstretched arm.  There's a fire in her eyes that looks nothing like Demure as she gives the arm a hard yank.  The man stumbles to the ground, losing balance.  By the time he's on the ground Demure has a vase of flowers in her hand and drops them squarely on his head.

The man lies still and Demure topples to the ground beside him as if suddenly exhausted and shakes her head as if to clear it.  She seems to realize that the man is on the ground beside her and scoots away from him.  She notices me then and looks up at me with terrified eyes.  "What happened?"

I move over to the man's side and check for a pulse.  "He'll be fine.  You're quite the charmer."

She chuckles nervously, "If by charmer you mean fainting when they get too close then I suppose so."

"Actually I was more referring to the way you took this guy down."

She looks at me curiously cocking an eyebrow.  "What do you mean?"

I realize suddenly that she has absolutely no recollection of the events leading up to her on the floor, "You seriously don't remember knocking this guy out?"

She looks at the shards of glass and broken flowers around us but only shakes her head, "I just remember coming towards me and then I blacked out."

I decide not to push the issue as I move to the man's side.  Once he's resting comfortably then perhaps I can sort out whatever's going on with Demure, but for now this strange man is my first priority.

The End

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