Adventursome - The World Outside

The moment I took my first steps onto the soil of Rumplekammer a thrill of excitement filled me and I knew that I had made the right choice to change my name.  I look around the town and am surprised that it looks to be abandoned.  Agent Blue had made it seem like this world was teeming with life but then Rumplekammer isn't exactly a predictable place, he had made that very clear. 

The wind blows and billow of dust beats against my leg and face.  It looks like a dust storm might be coming.  I had never experienced a dust storm but Mother had often talked about them when ever one of us talked about leaving the colony.

There's a building across from the large house which I realize now has an exterior to match the rest of this town.  With the exception of the bright blue door that I had just come through the house seems to be falling apart though I know that this isn't the case on the inside.  If I were to enter back through that door everything would be perfect.  

The wind is becoming more violent and I know I must find shelter.  I race across the dirt road to the building and pull open the door.  The building is dark but at least I'm safe from the storm.  There's a lamp sitting on a table beside the door and I look around for something to light it with.  I find matches in the drawer of the table and quickly light the lamp.  The light shines around the room but there's not much to look at the place seems as empty as the rest of this town.  Doesn't anyone live in this place?

I find a corner that looks relatively clean and pull out my blanket and some food and have a seat.  Blue had said I would be unable to leave this town but I don't know how I'll ever survive in this world if I can't find food.  I eat as little of the food as I can manage and put it back in the pack before pulling out the tablet.

I wish Bold were here.  Not because I need him to feel braver but because it had always been my intention to run away with him.  I had wanted to go outside the colony and start a new life but not alone.  I had wanted to embrace the dangers with him not alone.  The tablet has powered on but I'm not sure what to do with it now that it's on.

A sound from the darkness beyond the lamps reach causes me to jump and I stand to my feet, picking up the lamp as I do so.  "Is there someone there?"  I call into the darkness.  A figure steps out of the darkness and looks at me with glassy eyes.  I realize that it's only a girl, younger than me probably around 13.  "Are you ok?"  She just stands there without responding and I motion for her to come sit beside me on the blanket. 

She does as I say but still doesn't say anything.  "What's your name?"  I ask.

The girl looks at me, for the first time actually acknowledging my existence, "I have no name?"

I chuckle at this before realizing that she's serious, "Come on now, everyone has a name."

The girl shakes her head, "Not in Rumplekammer.  I am the girl, the figure, the nameless child but there are many who are called this."

Something about this girl is unnerving and I move away from her as she continues to stare out into the blackness.  I grab the tablet from where I had placed it on the blanket aware now of what I would like to learn from the Oubliette.  I write "the nameless child" in the search bar and am thankful that the author seems to know something about this phenomenon.

The nameless child is one of the many creations of the land.  Like many creations of the land they have no identity aside from what their title implies.  These creations appear when needed by a character and disappear from existence when they are no longer needed.  They differ from characters in that they have no name, no specific age, no history, and no personality and will more than likely never be seen again by the character. 

I put the screen away and briefly wonder what purpose this creation of the land has for me.  I look to see that the girl is laying down on the blanket now and is fast asleep.  I realize suddenly that it is very dark it is and how thankful I am that this girl is here even if she isn't real. 

I awake the next morning to find that the girl is gone but I hadn't really expected her to still be here.  I pack up my few possessions and move toward the entrance of the building to see what damage the sand storm had made.  But when I open the door I am surprised to find that the town is teeming with people, hundreds of nameless creations of the land.

I'm not really sure what I should do but I realize that my stomach is growling and that seems like a good place to start, I don't know how long the world will be like this and I do have some money to spend so I decide to find some place to eat and maybe get some information.  In the colony Mother had always provided our food and we had never had to look for it ourselves but that was part of the adventure that I was on wasn't it.  I couldn't allow myself to be anxious about this.

A woman passes in front of me and I ask, "Where can I find some food?"

She points down the street and says, "The inn always has some good bread and soup for travelers."  I thank her and head towards the inn.  The place is crowded and loud but I manage to find a spot to sit where I'm relatively alone yet can overhear the conversations around me. 

It doesn't take me long to realize that there is an extreme lack of conversation here: A man asks for some soup the innkeeper says it will be right up.  He turns to his companion and asks if he'd like some soup.  The conversation is already boring me and I decide to move away from my corner and sit across from them.  I tell the innkeeper that I would also like some soup and then turn to the two men that I had been eavesdropping on.  "So where does a girl find a place to stay in this place?"

The two men look at each other and the one on my right says, "Well you can always stay in the inn."

"I mean long term."

"I suppose you would have to talk to the governor, he's in charge of this town."

"How do I get in to see him?"

"Oh no one just goes in and sees the governor on a whim you have to make yourself known here.  You have to have connections to get there."

"I see!"  I say realizing that this must be my next task: Figure out who you are in the house and then make yourself known so that the governor will give you a place to stay in his town.  "Thank you for your time,"  I say dismissing myself from the table.  I pick up the bowl of soup that's in front of me, though I don't remember the inn keeper delivering it and leave the inn.

For a moment I just stand on the doorstep, eating my soup and looking out at the town around me.  People are passing me everywhere, none of them with names and none of them with a history.  It's in that moment that I feel truly lonely for the first time.

The End

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