Demure - Time Safe and the 7500 Year Sleep

I nodded and swallowed. I couldn't let the emotions take over.  Although I can't remember the last 8 days there's a lot I do remember and that's going to have to get me through "Let's go report Intuitive's disappearance."  I said getting back control of the situation.  I knew Anxious would never take control.  Between the two of us it had always been me who made decisions.  "Mother needs to know. Bold, you stay here and eat this tray of food that was sent up for you." 

Bold nodded.

"Courteous will be up to check on you, no doubt," said Anxious.

Then the two of us left. 

Not only to report Intuitive's disappearance but on a search for my missing memory.

"Can I sit here?"  I snap out of my thoughts.  Those last moments have rolled over and over in my mind ever since I had arrived at Rumplekammer.  I have to remind myself that I'm no longer there that Bold and Intuitive and even Mother and Father no longer exist. 

The man named Jaden is standing over me and I realize that he asked me a question.  "Yes of course."  I respond and he takes a seat beside me.  "So I hear your sister left the house."

I know that he's just trying to make conversation but his statement annoys me, "I prefer not to talk about it.  She abandoned me here."

"I don't think that was really her intent..."

I turn toward him in irritation, "Can we please not talk about it?"

"Yeah sure"  Silence surrounds us for a moment and then Jaden says, "When I was a kid I always dreamed of living in a house like this.  Huge and filled with everything you could ever want."  He turns his whole body to face me, "What about you did you ever have any silly dreams when you were a kid."

I shake my head, "Mother always supplied me with everything I ever wanted.  Anxious and I were separated from our biological parents as soon as we were weaned and Mother raised us"

"So you were adopted?"

I chuckle at his naivety, "Well I don't think that a computer can really adopt anyone but she raised everyone in the colony.  Her and Father were created by the Cold Gods to watch over us during their 7500 years sleep when they would awaken again.  When Anxious and I were bought here it was day 74 of the year 7499 and our world was coming apart at the seams."

"7499?  Then you're from the future?"

I frown at this unsure as to what he means, "I don't know I suppose so, possibly."

He seems to be getting exited at this bit of news, "I'm sorry, dates are just really important to me.  Where I'm from time is something that is travelled as often as a common road.  There I work for an organization called Time Safe.  We fix the tears in time that others create in order to keep things running smoothly."

"That's very...interesting."  I say unsure what to think of this strange revelation. 

"I wish I could have travelled to your time, it sounds very interesting.  I wonder if May ever travelled there."

"According to Anxious it wasn't a great time to live."

"What do you think?"  He asks and he seems genuinely interested.

"It seemed ok to me.  But then I don't remember eight crucial days of my life.  The eight days where apparently everything went wrong are entirely gone from my mind."

"What happened?"

"I don't know, I wish I did but I just don't know.  Blue is so adamant about us discovering who we are but if I can't remember those eight days I don't know if I'll ever figure it out."

The End

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