Anxious - A New Name

Bold stood then and moved to the door.  "Well then,"  He said sadly, "I'm sorry it has to end like this."

I stood anxiety returning once again.  "What do you mean?"

"I need to clear my head.  I need to figure some things out.  And until I know what's going on, which one of you it was that knocked me out...I need to avoid you both.  I'm sorry." 

Then he was gone.  It's been a whole day and I've tried my hardest to find him but he's gone.  I don't know if he's just hiding out in his quarters and ignoring me or if he's really disappeared all I know is that he's avoiding me and fear it's all Demure's fault.  I just hope that he's overreacting and Demure hasn't betrayed us.

"I never got to say goodbye"  I say to Demure my twin sister who sits on the bar stool across from me.  We had gone through Agent Blue's short orientation just an hour ago and the two of us now sat out on the porch at a tall table.  "I had no idea that when Bold left me yesterday that it would be the last time I would see him."

Demure doesn't say anything as she looks out at the still blue water of the backyard pool.  I'm thankful that she was chosen to come with me.  That man Jaden who we met earlier is all alone here and he seems really lonely and lost.  Demure looks at me and says quietly as if she's afraid someone will overhear her, "It's so peaceful here."

She's right of course.  Things hadn't been going well back home when we had found ourselves here.  Rumors of the "Cold Gods" awakening had been circulating, some of our friends had gone missing, the computer systems known as Mother and Father that kept us in line and watched over us were keeping something from us and poisoning those who got too close.  Bold and I were going to run away together and get out of that city when Demure reappeared after being gone for eight days and Bold had insisted that one of us had tried to harm him.

"Demure, were you the one who knocked out Bold yesterday."

"I really don't know Anxious, I wish I did, I wish I could remember what happened during those eight days you said I was missing.  It's quite possible that I did harm Bold but it wasn't intentional."

I sigh realizing that her confession doesn't make me feel any better, "I suppose it doesn't matter, according to Agent Blue that world is long gone.  I suppose we should find a way to survive in this world."

"Doesn't seem like that will be too hard.  Look at this place it's beautiful and perfect.  I think I'd rather be home.  They need us there, we're useless here."

Someone clears their throat behind us and we both turn to see Agent Blue standing behind us.  "The only reason you feel so useless is Demure, is because you haven't yet discovered your purpose in this world.  You must discover who you are and what you were meant to do.  Your purpose hasn't changed only your surroundings have changed.  You must discover what you were meant to do in this new reality."

"So you've said," Demure rolled her eyes and I'm surprised at her...well her boldness.  "How am I supposed to figure that out though?  Character is shaped through hardships and in a house so perfect I don't see how I can discover anything."

Blue just smiles and takes a seat in one of the remaining two chairs, "Well you've only seen a small selection of what this mansion has to offer.  One of the incredible things that you will discover about Rumplekammer is that there are very few limits to what the authors can cause to happen in this world.  This world is not limited by the typical laws of nature or logic.  If the author writes the sky became grey,"  He looks up at the sky and we look up to see that the blue sky has indeed turned grey though the sun still shine brightly down upon us.   He holds up his hand to make his point, "Then the sky will become grey." 

"What's your point" Demure asked suspiciously.

"The point is:  Just because this place looks peaceful now doesn't mean it can't all change at a moments notice.  Each character who's brought here will bring new challenges and dangers with them."

Anxiety fills me at his words and I look around as if one of these mysterious dangers might be sneaking up on us right now.  "You mean to say that Mother and Father and...the Cold Gods could be here in this world too?"

"If the author thought it would be fitting to her new story then possibly.  But for now I wouldn't worry about it too much, you're safe."  He pulls out his small tablet computer then and sorts through some things on the screen then turns to face me, "According to The Oubliette, Anxious, you're free to leave this house."

"What!" Demure gasps in surprise, "What about me?"  I'm shocked at his words and am unable to respond to what he is saying and am thankful that Demure has not lost her tongue as I have.

"Demure, you still have some things to learn about who you are before you will be allowed to leave this place.  Anxious knows who she is and is ready to start discovering how she can best be of service in this world.  If you wish to join her you will have to become a more developed character."

I finally find my voice and ask, "So what does all this mean?"

Blue stands and motions for me to follow.  I stand up to follow glancing back for only a moment toward my sister.  It didn't seem fair that I had just found her only to be taken away from her again.  Agent Blue leads me to a gigantic door that I assume leads to the outside world and turns toward me, "The outside world is a much more dangerous place than this house.  In here you cannot die but out there death is very much a possibility and the further up in rank you go, the further from this house you will be able to venture and the further from this house you are able to venture the more dangerous the world will become.  You must be very careful."

I nod and bounce on my toes realizing that his words do not cause me to be anxious but rather excited.  I had dreamed quite often of leaving the city where Mother and Father kept us prisoners but I had never been brave enough to do it.  Even Bold only made me braver when I was around him but deep inside I was still Anxious.  But now standing in front of this door with the prospect of going outside I find myself only excited.  Maybe it's something in the air.

"You know," I say to Agent Blue not taking my eyes off the door, "Where I'm from the people often have a habit of changing their names when they realize that their character no longer fits their name.  Of course usually it was Mother or Father who would give us the new names but I'm not in that world anymore and there is no Mother or Father to change it for me, so I'll just have to change it myself."

"What will you change it to?"  Blue asks me with a smile.

"I think I'd like to be called...Adventuresome,  yes I think that would be a good name.  From now on I will be called Adventuresome rather than Anxious."

Agent Blue smiles and looks down at the tablet in his hand and then turns it to face me.  I see a picture of me, the same picture that he had showed me upon my arrival here but now the name beside it reads Adventuresome.  "It seems The Oubliette agrees with this change."

I smile and reach for the door handle eager to begin my new life but Blue's voice stops me before I can open the door.  "I almost forgot," I turn and see that he's holding a small bag in his hands.  "You'll need this if you hope to have any luck lasting out there."  I take it from him and peek inside as he begins to list it's contents, "There's a blanket and a bit of food, a change of clothes and a small pouch of money as well as tablet of your own."

I reach into the bag and pull out the small tablet and press the on switch, "This will allow you to have your own direct connection to the Oubliette, she's much like the master computers you're used to but she's here to help you not harm you.  Through her you will have a vast wealth of knowledge at your finger tips, everything the author knows about this world goes straight into that tablet and allows you to have a better understanding of this world.  Don't get separated from it."

I nod and slip the tablet into a side pocket that hadn't been there a moment before and move toward the door and opening it and entering into the adventure beyond.

The End

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