Are you a hero who never got the victory or a villain who was never defeated? Did you have an epic love story that never came to fruition or a mystery that was never solved? Maybe you never learned whether you were a hero, a villain or just a background character cause your story ended before it even began. If any of these things describe you then come to the House of the Lost Characters and our trained specialists will help you discover the end of your story.

Have you ever had this problem?: You find a roleplay or collab that you're really excited about and make up this really awesome character to add into the story.  You write this really awesome intro chapter and then the story never gets off the ground or maybe you even get in a handful of chapters but the story just dies away over time.  This has happened to me more times than I can count and that's why I created this roleplay.

Here's how it will work:

If you have a character or characters from another story that was never really developed or wasn't developed as much as you would like or if there was a character that you just really enjoyed writing and wish you could continue then feel free to join. Absolutely no characters (Not even minor characters) will be created for this story.  Background characters will be considered "Creations of the Land" and will not have names or personalities. Only those who were first written for another story can be written here

If you already have a character description from the other story feel free to just copy and paste it below in the comments but please be sure that the description includes the characters age as well as what story they are originally from as well as the number of entries the character had in that story.  Also please add the last two or three paragraphs of the original story in italics to the beginning of each characters into so that we have an idea of what was going on when the story went inactive.

The characters will know and understand that they are just characters.  They have been transported to this new world after their own stories were destroyed and they are now trying to learn to cope in this new world full of mixed up characters whose only thing in common is the fact that their world was destroyed.

All Characters will begin in the transportation room (though you don't have to actually write of their arrival as it is the same with everyone) which is part of a rather large house and yard right in the middle of a small town.  There they will determine their rank and determine where they will live.  If their rank is only a level 1 then they will be required to live in the house until they are at least a level 5.

How the house, the town, the city, and the land beyond all look can be up to the writers discretion the land is always changing to fit the story.  The only things that must be consistent is the way the transportation room looks, the ranks, and the general layout of the land (house, town, city).

The number of entries will determine the characters rank.  Rank will account for currency, social status and authority. For example my character Cobalt has 20 pages in his original story.  Therefore he will be the one in charge of all the characters until someone with more pages comes along.  The majority of my characters only have 1 page and they will be considered practically nobodies since their story isn't very developed yet.  Also the more pages you write from a particular characters point of view will make them rise in the ranks so choose characters that you want to have more authority. 

The ranking will go as follows:

Under 5 entries: Complete nobodies. No money, authority or influence. Must try to survive with whatever came through with them from their original story. Characters at this level must figure out who they are and what their part in the story is. It is expected that characters at this level will stay within the comfort and protection of the Oubliette but we all know that some characters don't like to do what they're told.

5-9 entries: These characters have learned enough about themselves to enter the real world but they have little knowledge of the outside world. They will be considered poor and unpopular and will have to learn to survive in the new world. At this time they will be given a way to contact have personal contact with the Oubliette. My characters are given an ipad like device where they get their information.

10-14 entries: These characters are still rather poor but they have started to figure some things out and have learned the ins and outs of their new world.  They have a small form of income and have made at least one close friend.

15-19 entries: These characters are making enough money to purchase some things for comfort.  They probably have their own place to live now and can take care of themselves.  The have become used to the changes of their world and are learning to take things in stride and are able to embrace change easily.

20-24 entries: These characters have good income and are able to afford a comfortable life.  They are not very well known outside their circle of friends but they are no longer being completely pushed around by the Oubliette.

25-29 entries: These characters can influence some of the smaller things that happen around them.  They are pretty well off and are well known within their sphere of influence.  Though they can still not control most of what happens in the world around them they can manipulate some smaller things like finding food when hungry, a weapon appearing in times of danger or even changing the weather when needed.

I will add more ranks when needed.

Happy Writing!

The End

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