Ali: Fight!

I didn't really have time to get embarassed over yelling at Aaron, when assasins broke in, spilling through the windows and the door, brandishing a variety of weapons.

I noticed Lee shift into his favorite form, a wolf that stood about six feet tall and grinned.

"Bring it suckers!" I yelled, my wings bursting out for the first time since I'd got here. I lifted myself up to about head-height, drawing two pixe-built swords, which had  wicked-looking curves to their blades and a nasty little coating which burned most creatures-except pixies of course. I grinned, showing my fangs.

Most of the people there were facing off to the assasins, weapons appearing from unlikely places. The vampire, Aaron, hissed and I rolled my eyes. Swooping lower, I hovered above the floor, taunting the assasins, who had not yet made a move. Grace began to lift into the air as well.


Both sides were waiting, as though a signal was to be given. The tension in the room kept cranking up. Finally, I got bored.

"Look you lot, you come bursting in here, kinda rudely, with weapons and the suchlike, like you want to have a fight. Hello, we're ready for one, so could you get a move on... there's few of you who look pretty tasty and I'm getting bored.."

I could tell that behind me, Lee was supressing laughter. He'd seen me in action. Grace was looking at me like I was insane and Aaron wasn't looking at me. Pointedly.


Then, like a lightening-quick wave, all of the group attacked at once. I yelled wildly, taking several of them down when they attempted to pin my wings. The noise echoed through the House.


One of the assasins, a red sash around his waist, flew at me while I was distracted, knocking me to the floor. His knees were on my chest and his hands pinned my wrists. I choked from his weight, my wings pinned underneath me and unable to move to bite him. I thrashed for a while, the others occupied with their own fights. Another assasin appeared, in plain black clothes. The one pinning me indicated me with his head, recieving a nod from the second, who placed his hands around my throat and began to squeeze.

The End

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