Kalea: Panic

And I thought my life already sounded like a jumped up fantasy novel.

There are a huge number of people outside, with knives and other malicious looking weapons. But they're not real. They're illusions. One of the many advantages of being a fairy is that we can sense illusions. Part of our defences, which are very few in number.

Someone has to be conjuring them, I think as I stare out at them. None of them are moving at present, they're just leering at the House. One of them has to be the conjurer. Which one? There are so many.

Luckily illusions can't hurt us. They're just insubstantial beings. Aren't they?

Then I see one pick up his sword and slash through a pillar outside. I draw back from my window. But they can't do that. That's impossible.

What kind of illusions are they?

The End

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