My eyes shot open. 

Where was I? I looked around, and noticed I was lay in a small clearing, in a forest. High trees towered over me, and a soft wind gently caressed me. 

I tried to trace my memories, to how I had got here but I couldn't remember a thing. Who was I?

I got up, and felt a sharp pain in my leg. Looking down, I saw a deep cut under my knee. But that wasn't the thing that I was paying attention to. My whole leg was covered in short hair. Looking at my hands, I noticed they were too. Since when had I been that hairy.

I looked round, for a path, but there wasn't one. I couldn't stay there so I walked on in the direction I was stood.

After half an hour I came across a building. A sign was attached above the door which read 'The house'. Was this my house? Did I have a house?

I didn't know whether to just walk in, or knock on. I heard a cloud rumble, and just like that, rain began to pour. My house or not, I wasn't waiting round to gedt drenched. I walked in, and shut the door on the storm. 

This first thing I noticed was the book. Names were written in it. Ali, Lee, Alice, Des and a few others. Was this a hotel? I decided to write my name down, but when I pressed the pen to the paper, I couldn't think what to write. What was my name? 

I searched my jeans pockets for any ID, but there was none. I nearly cried out in anguish. How could I not know who I was? I wrote down the first name that came to my head.


I looked around, but I couldn't see anyone. I heard a bang from up above me, and started to climb the staircase. At the top, I saw a figure stood there staring at me. He was covered in dirty, grey fur, with huge yellow eyes. His nose was very long -like a dogs- and his sharp teeth with showing over his bottom lip. 

He just stared, and didn't say a word. I stepped closer, and so did he. 

"Hi" I said. His lips moved, but he didn't say anything.

"My names Freddy, I think" I said, lifting my arm to shake his hand. But instead of feeling his warm fur like I had expected, I felt a cold smooth surface, like a window. Like a mirror.

It was me.

The End

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