Ali: Lee

Tirs was bent over Lee for a while. I thought I heard her whisper something to him.

"Take your time Tirs.." I muttered loud enough for the room to hear. Everything else had faded, all I could see was Lee lying on the ground. I thought I heard Des chuckle a little. I was jiggin around like I'd had a shot of caffiene.

Finally she lifted her head, "He's going to be fine" she smiled, but something in her eyes looked off. Ignoring it, I rushed over to Lee, who was groaning and just about sitting up.

"OhmygodLeedon'tyoudarescaremelikethatagain!" I said, all in a rush because of the worry. I flung my arms round his neck and he groaned in response. 

Aaron (I hadn't noticed him enter but he was there now) laughed "Ali, let the guy breathe!"

I poked my tounge out to to the room in general and let Lee up. "I'm fine, I'm fine." he muttered, embarassed.

"Mr. Tough Guy" Grace chimed in quietly. I glowered at her, but Lee didn't seem to mind.

Sliding my arm round Lee protectively, I looked around the room. Everyone was here except...

"Hey..Where's Alice?"

Then there was yet another knock at the door.

The End

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