Tirs Ami: Sorry...

I watched Lee go red, and groan, "Do what you have to do...", before falling unconscious. I lifted his head a little, and gulped. I gently put my lips against his, trying to keep my breathing normal, trying to keep focused.

I opened my eyes, watching his cuts heal, slowly. I pulled away, and smiled gently. Yes. I hadn't killed him. Or had I...I put my ear t0 his chest, and heard the steady beat, pounding loud and clear.

I smiled wider, then put my hand over my mouth, as I watched a glistening drop drip close to his mouth. Venom. I watched it slip in. He wouldn't die. A tiny drop of Siren venom could be beneficial, but I wasn't sure what it would do to him...

"Sorry, so sorry..." I whispered.

The End

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