Lee: Not Again..

Gathered upstairs...in my room. Anna really seems to have it in for me. Just to prove my point, she threw a lot of stuff at me. I dodged most of it, but some hit me, drawing blood.


Anna continued wrecking stuff. My stuff I might add. We were all kind of standing a bit uselessly, waiting for either Kyle or Des to do something. Then Anna found my backpack. I swore. Very loudly. She rummaged around, and started chucking my weapons around..well actually just at me. Several daggers cut me in various places and my larger weapons clattered into the corridor behind me. Luckily.

I heard Ali scream, and despite the fact my legs were folding, I looked over. Des, the demon was getting huge, and his tail has hit her, sending her flying. I wanted to check she was okay, but I was more injured than I realised. I couldn't get up..

I had to watch from the floor as Anna was changed. Lucifer's sudden entrance was sort of lost on me as I could feel myself drifting towards unconciousness. Tirs Ami came over, offering to heal me. Through lip contact.. I couldn't help going red. She was nice and everything but really not in that way!

"She could heal you or she could kill you!" Anna shrieked in a kind of hysterical laughter. I really was pissed at her, I know its not her fault and all but I was not happy at all.

"Just do what you have to." I groaned.

I tried to push back the memories of the last girl who kissed me. She had nearly resulted in my death. The girl that still haunted me. I'd lost her, and it was all my fault.

Ali was shouting at me, but I let myself black out. I didn't want to think for a while.

The End

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