Tirs Ami :Mi Lord and Mi Lady

"Mi Lord." I said, giving a bow to Lucifer. He tilted his head, and gave a smile.

"Mi Lady, are you well?" he asked, touching his red hot hand to my forehead. My parents had pledged my alliance to Lucier when I was born.

"The last tie I saw you was when you were so small!" he chuckled, before turning to Des and Kyle, who both looked confused at their master, then to me.

I stared into space, trying to keep my eyes off Lee. I couldn't help it any more. I dropped to my knees, fighting the urge to kill. The scent, the sight....

I looked over his bloody form, then my eyes settled onto his lips. He looked at me. The gay demon, Des, placed a hand on my shoulder. "Think you could heal him?" he asked. I gulped, and nodded.

"Lee, I can heal you. But...it's rather strange."


"I can heal through lip contact."

"Uh..." Lee went red. He gulped. We heard Anna shrieking with laughter.

"Oh, she could heal you, but she could also kill you!!!" she screeched, then clamped her hand over her mouth. Her two sides were in conflict.

"Do you want me to heal you?" I asked softly, sitting close to his side, awaiting his answer.

The End

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