Ali: Aw, Hell.

So we are all upstairs. Most of the group are giving me a pretty wide berth after my little display downstairs.

Note to self: Go veggie, it helps in public.

I was standing next to Desmond, aka. Des, who seemed to be the only one who hadn't been fazed by things. Anna had started screaming, going a funny colour and things were flying everywhere. I winced when I realised this was Lee's room.

Aw man Lee's gonna be in a bad mood. He hates things being messy.

Des started to get big. His horns grew longer, and his tail knocked me over. I bit back a smart-arse comment. Looked like it wouldn't be a good idea to interrupt. Suddenly, he hit Anna with a burst of fire.

"HEY!" I yelled, leaping up, then stepping back as Anna's screams abruptly cut off. It was like someone flipped a switch. Des, back to normal size again, fainted on the floor. Kyle immeadiately went over to him. Anna seemed to be getting more solid somehow.

"Is he okay?" I asked Kyle. He didn't reply, checking Des over. I caught Lee's eye and he shrugged.

"So... What just happened?"

It was at that moment, the front door imploded with a collossal BANG. A voice that sounded like crackling flames, and pure temptation came up the stairs to us.

"Desmond, you have done me proud this time."

Kyle's head jerked up like he had been electrocuted. He had gone totally white and his eyes were wide with panic.

"Wake up Des!" he said urgently "The Boss is here."

"Boss?" I echoed, feeling queasy. "Is that who I think you mean?"

"Lucifer." Kyle siad shortly.

I couldn't think of an appropriate response other than: "Oh Hell."

"Precisely my area of expertise." said that voice from the door.

We all turned to meet the Prince of Darkness, Satan, the Devil, the 666, the Antichrist, the Lord of Hell and the Underworld; Lucifer, Des and Kyle's boss.

For once, I was speechless.

The End

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