Lee: The Day Hell Came To Visit

The group had migrated upstairs, following the sounds of Anna as she continued to wreck havoc everywhere. I really wanted to change form and run off somewhere, but then Ali would never let me live it down. Mind you.. the way she got all chummy with that daemon in the cellar, I had a little leverage..

Kalea yells at Anna, who was now screaming at a level that would break glass. But she doesn't seem to have any kind of impact. Ali turned to all of us.

"Come on guys," she says. "Let's beat this."

I tapped the angel (sorry fallen angel) on the shoulder. "Isn't this the part where you and your friend come and save the day?" I mutter to him, under the noise of Anna, who is slowly becoming something monstrous. "Because I think we might be about to loose our friend here."

Kyle nodded, opening his mouth.

Then all hell broke loose.


The End

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