Kalea: Changing Anna

A group of us rush upstairs. Anna is hovering in the middle of the room, her form changing into a smokey black. Objects start to move around the room as a tempestuous wind builds up. Anna is staring with unseeing eyes and from her mouth comes an ear piercing scream. I hold my breath. What do we do?

"Anna," I yell. "Stop this. You aren't this."

Her eyes stay glazed over. 

Everyone stands in the room. Ali the pixie, Tirs the Siren, Alice the doll, Grace the ghostly human, Lee the Shapeshifter, Ash the weather changer, Aaron the Vampire, and lastly Desmond the demon and Kyle the fallen angel, all of us staring powerless as Anna's form becomes more and more disfigured. It's strange, all of us have so much power yet we feel powerless.

Ali turns to us all, fire burning in her eyes.

"Come on guys," she says. "Let's beat this."

The End

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