Ali: Finally...Food!

We got down to the cellar where Kyle had been leading us, and there was the smell of human blood everywhere. I don't really remember much after, except that when I regained my sensibilities (as it were) I had blood all over my face, and Lee looked kind of embarassed.

"Sorry guys," I said "I haven't eaten much since I got here."

Most of the others grimaced at that, but Desmond chuckled.

"Plently more where that came from babe," he said darkly, glancing at Grace and Lee. My response was swift and sudden.

WHACK! My hand connected with the back of his head with a satisfyingly loud noise.

"OW!" he complained, rubbing his head. "That hurt." he looked at me reproachfully.

I winked at him. "Two things, Mister Demon. Don't threaten my friends and never call me babe. Lets just say the last guy who did that ended up with a very high-pitched voice after."

I heard Lee laugh. He'd been there at the time. One of my prouder moments. I think the rest were smothering laughter too, but Kyle spoke up, bringing us back to the point.

The End

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