Des meets the gang

I led the crowd into the basement, the ghost was in the corner she was appeared to be asleep which was odd, I didn't think they could sleep. I could see Des' tail wagging like wild as he was halfway into the meat bag his skirt was stained by blood. I walked over and grabbed his tail (this is the most sensative part of a daemon) and pulled him from the bag.

He landed flat on his bum a pieace of bloody meat in his mouth, The pixie's mouth was watering at this point. Des had a guilty look on his face blood covering his entire torso but not his hair never figured that bit out. He took the meat from his mouth and threw it in the bag. He grinned his sharpe teeth receding back into his gums so they looked human again.

"Why is it when ever i leave you alone you go crazy?" I said as i wiped my hand clean on my jeans.  At this point the Pixie leapt across the room and began to suck the blood of the meat in the bag. The only one to notice the Ghost was the shapechanger.

"Hello Kyle Satan says that we can turn the girl back if we can perform the spell ourselves." He was getting up now and was rubing his tail where i had grabbed it. "you know i love human, don't worry there guys, he added staring straight at the humans, Kyle is more likely to kill you than me." He turned towards the Pixie "Hey don't eat it all leave some for me!"

The rest of the group had to turn away as Des and the Pixie fed like savages hurling bones to the side, and finally tearing the bag leaving a pile of raw bloody meat. These two were probably gonna get along just fine i thought as they sat there side by side Des happily muching away at an arm and the Pixie sucking the blood off the meat.

The End

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