Introducing: Aaron.

I blink as crimson blood flows from my neck. I can't feel the pain. Yet. I reach up, and touch the blood. I lift my hand to my face to inspect it. Yup. I'm definately dead. Well, deader. Consciousness fails me as it slips away, and darkness replaces it.


My name's Aaron. Aaron Masen. I wouldn't call myself a Vampire; more like a mutant. Well, I am  a Vampire, but not just that. I have Pyrokenesis. That is the power I focus on. Only one in every billion Vampires made have a gift like this. The one before me had Cryokenisis, and then Telekenisis before that. But the power to control fire is much better than controlling ice, or any other objects. because I can dull down the fire within me. I was changed at a young age; only fifteen. Though technically, I'm nine-thousand, two-hundred and three. The only Vampire powers I have are speed, strength, and incredibly good looks. But I am good at restraint. I haven't killed a human in almost six-thousand years. I consider myself more mutant than Vampire.

The End

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