Ali: Newbies

I heard a pair come in, muttering quietly and decided to leave them. I could always find them later, although they definately weren't human, I saw the end of a tail dissappearing in the direction of the cellar. Interesting... 

A knock at the door, and since no one else was around, I answered. It turned out to be a human of all things. One sniff told me he wasn't normal. Well who is these days? I told him to come in since the so-called meeting to sort out Anna's temper tantrum was about to start. I hoped someone had a bright idea because I was all out.. I was also worried about Lee who had some nasty cuts from that girl. If could get hold of her, I would have done by now for a bit of payback. Oh yeah, did I mention I am STARVING! And there is NO pixie food round here. Kinda puts you in a bad mood.

So there we were all sat around the table and guess what? Anna starts screaming. Something about demons...

I thought they were extinct?

The End

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