Ash: Just Wandering In

Right, so, what the hell is this place?

I'm standing shivering on the doorstep of this House, considering whether to knock. There is dried blood on the steps and the sign saying everybody welcome doesn't really seem to cheer my spirits up. Just as I decide to chance it and knock - better here than sleeping outside - the door opens.

"Well don't stand there all day," a girl says, her hands on her hips. "If you're going to come in, come in. We're very  busy at the moment, we haven't got time to open doors. There's a ghost on the loose you know."

"A g-g-ghost?" my teeth are chattering. The girl rolls her eyes.

"Yes. You scared?"

"No. But ghosts d-d-don't exist."

The girl looks at me and laughs. "Yeah, sure. Now, what are you?"

"Me?" I say. "What d'you mean? I'm human I guess."

The girl frowns then sniffs me. "Human? Not likely. What can you do?"

Does this girl know about my power? "I can control the weather," I say, decidedly. "But as far as I know, that doesn't stop me being human."

The girl suddenly grabs my arm and bites. I yell in confusion. The girl lets go and I pull my arm to my chest. "What was that?" I shout at her.

"You're not human. See?" she points out. "That's not human blood."

I stare at my arm. She's right. Instead of rich red blood, a burning emerald liquid spills out. I can't believe it. I can't believe I've never noticed it before.

"What is this place?" I ask the girl.

"This is the House," she says. "Welcome. My name is Ali."

I hold out my hand for her to shake but she ignores it. "Your blood tastes horrible you know," she says.

A couple more people enter the room. First a slender girl with luminous skin and auburn coloured hair who looks at me with big pale grey eyes. The other is a guy who appears to have been wounded. He is limping slightly but he smiles still.

"This is Kalea," says Ali, pointing at the girl. "And this is Lee. He's recently suffered from a poltergeist attack."

"We're all in a meeting right now," Kalea says. "You should come and join us."

Just as she finishes her sentence, a clanging starts from upstairs and a horrible scream fills the House.

The End

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