The couple moves in

Me and Des were wandering round the House, looking for someone anyone. When, we found a library with books strewn across the floor we heard someone running down the corridor at the end of the room. As we made to follow books started to fly from the walls pummelling us. I was blinded momentarily by a dictionary telling me what a crush was! Finally the barrage ended with all but one of the books on the floor. The remaining book had a five pointed star on the spine. We removed the book; there were no clicking noises no secret doorway but Des was leafing through the book. Inside was a key. The key tag said basement, there was a map of the house along with a note from the Boss written in demon scrawl so only Des could read it. It said our things had been dropped in the basement by the other Demons and that we would have to find our own money.

Does this mean we live here now? Des asking me his tail shivering in fear

PS: Desmond and Kyle no funny buisness up there not everyone is a tolerant as us down here

The End

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