Enter Kyle and Des

“Hi I’m Desmond or Des for short. I’m 16 and I’m a Demon to be specific I’m a gay demon.”

“And I’m Kyle an angel (aged 17) and as we all know God doesn’t like gay people.”

“What Kyle is trying to say is he’s had his wings clipped and was sent to hell where he met me. I was just packing a few things for my mission, when I heard crying and I popped my head round the corner of a dungeon and there sitting in a little pool of light was the most beautiful man I had ever seen, Kyle, He had a little note tied into his wings addressed to the boss (that’s Satan).”

“Des carried me and the note to the throne room were Satan sat, I was expecting goat’s legs horns and fire, not another clipped angel.”

“To cut the long story short, I and Kyle are on a mission from Satan to get the rebels back into heaven for another go at leaving out the power. Let me tell you how we found ‘The House’”

                The snow was falling very heavily, it was up to the top of my boots it was, and my tights were ruined. “Are you sure this is the place Des?” Kyle asked me fiddling with his zip of his jacket. We had just miraged into the field, we could see the House the boss had told us about, the lights twinkled in the windows and I could just make out a sign stating all are welcome.

“The boss hasn’t let me down yet.”

“Except for the major screw up in the rebellion,” Kyle pointed out.

“Yes but that was, only one time and it’s easily done, no one was expecting God to use Jesus as a Human shield.”

“Well no one was expecting Gabrielle to have that axe.”

“Come on then.” I set off at a skip my skirt flapping as I went; Kyle waded through the snow behind me swearing under his breath. We had a rucksack between the two of us most of it contained cash but it appeared we had the wrong type. We had 40,000 Euros cash while we had 2 pence which I had found on the ground of the Mirage Chamber.

I knocked on the door noticing some dried blood under a new doormat. My high heels were really dirty. We waited but the door remained closed. Kyle eventually lost patience and kicked in the door I have to admit, he has got a bit of a temper. We went into the House and I went straight for the book, the Boss said to do this. I signed our names taking in the other names; i wondered which the ghost was.  I was about to pick a key when Kyle ran off down a hall when he heard giggling. I followed him rubbing my little red horns as they poked through my black hair. I had always liked my hair, and my horns. They were only an inch which was very small for a demon. My hair oh my hair it is my pride and joy, It’s cut short. I keep it shiny and clean no matter what. My tail is really the biggest give away of what i am. A demon’s tail is the defining feature of the race of demon, i I am a mirage demon we are the closest to human of all the demon races. We are as intelligent if not more; we age one year for every million human years just like angels which we used to be. We tend to be excitable but this can be our major curse as well. We have the power to stop and reverse the journey of death and move between hell and the human world this is called miraging. Kyle has none of these powers but he does have the ability to sense the presence of other angels. We ran from the room towards the giggling.

The End

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