Ash: Introduction

You know when you were young and you would wish for snow or sun or whatever was on your mind that day. Did you ever think it could come true?

When I was six years old, I made it rain. We were out on the beach, it was July, a pretty unusual time for rain. I was there with my two then friends, Robert and Alex. I was young and very easy to anger at the time. Alex fell backwards and destroyed my sandcastle. It's laughable now, but I kicked up one helluva fuss. My mother shouted at me as much as I shouted at her. Finally, kicking over my bucket, I sat down and cried.

At that moment, literally, the clouds turned black. A deep rumbling filled the air. All eyes turned upwards to see a white flash across the sky.

All that has been recounted to me. But I can remember the next bit. All at once everyone started screaming. And that's what I can hear in my memory. That awful screaming. That did nothing for comforting six year old me and I cried all the more. My mother grabbed me and took me to the car. My friends followed, crying themselves. We drove away as fast as we could. No one noticed how the storm seemed to follow us. And after I had calmed down it disappeared completely.

I didn't change the weather again until I was thirteen. For the past four years now I have been practicing, perfecting my art. I can now not only create a thunderstorm but I can make it sunny, I can make it snow, I can create hail, ice, wind, any weather, you name it. I have tried to control my emotions since that day. Generally, when I get stressed, the weather doesn't change too much. However, sometimes, just sometimes, I get a little too angry...

But well, now seventeen and I am actually homeless. I am tall for my age, quite slim, with black hair that always gets in the way of my eyes. My eyes are an odd shade of dark blue, like night. I wear dark colours as well, and I have pale, pale skin. Right now, all my possessions in the world can fit into one small rucksack.

Right now, the sky is cloudy. And I can't tell if it's me who's caused that, or if the sky is just naturally gloomy.

The End

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