Kalea: Ghost Hunting

I used to picture ghost hunting as a man going around with a big net trying to catch ghosts as they fly through the air.

Real ghost hunting is a lot harder.

Well, I'm not exactly ghost hunting. I'm just trying to find Anna. She's been attacking people all week, I know Lee has had a few shocks at least, but she's been going around everywhere smashing up rooms. Now, however, there is silence. An eerie silence so at odds with the usual noises of the House. It's strange.

Once I've searched everywhere on the bottom floor, I move up to the top. There, in one of the rooms, someone has written neatly on the window Help Me.

Anna, poor Anna. She's being ripped apart. We need to do something. With the amount of magical creatures in this House, surely there is something that can be done.

I go out and see Tirs on the landing.

"We're holding a meeting," she says casually. "To decide what to do about Anna. Everyone's meeting in the kitchen."

"Thanks" I say, and I rush away quickly.

The End

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