Ali: Human?

I was just sitting in my room, minding my own business, when two things happened at the same time, Lee started yelling, and I cuaght the unmistakable smell of human..

I was instantly torn between wanting to help Lee and going to the human. They would have to know I was around, else it might go nastily wrong..

Lee yelled again, and I ran to his room. I got there in time to see Anna dissappear through the wall.

"Are you ok?" I asked, running to him.

He nodded, "Since when were there ghosts here?"

I laughed, "Same time the human arrived.."

"Erm- when was I a human?"

"Not you fool! A real one"

He went pale "Ali..."

"Don't worry, I'll play nice." I giggled, grinning and showing a little fang at the same time. I then went to smell out the tasty human.

The End

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