Alice: Exesploring, too far

I wanted to get out of thinking about the goust so I ran around the house meeting new people and exesploring new rooms. On my way I saw two newbies but I didn't stop to chat.

Little did I know I headed straight into the goust girls room and what I saw did not calm me. Help Me, was clearly written on the wall and I knew exactly why. Anna was getting a split personality. We're all dead . . . very dead. What I knew to be a friendly goust, like casper in the episodes I watched with my former owner. Was also a bad goust like casper's friends, with more violince.

I ran to Tirs and told her everything. She was as shocked as I was but she took a deep breath and got everyone else together. "We need a plan, and a good one at that!" Was her introducsion.

The End

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