Anna: Torment

A new guy.....

A new guy......

A new guy= new person to torment.

He's sleeping. He looks so peaceful....Thats what the OLD Anna would say. But I'm the NEW anna!!!

Please! We need to stop!

Said the old Anna. Go away!

"BOO!"I shout right in his ear.


"Ali? I'm not Ali! HOW DARE YOU!!!"I shriek my anger hitting boiling point. I throw his belongings around the room. Smashing mirrors and old dusy vases. He screams and Ali comes rushing in. No one can see me.

"ANNA! STOP PLEASE!!!"She yelles at the space where she thinks I am.

"Uh, I'm over here fang girl!"I hiss in a scary voice. She looked angry for a second, then sad.

"Anna, this isn't you! You used to be nice and happy....Until....Oh my gosh! Killing the bad man did this to you!"She gasped.

"Yessssss, sssssso what iffff it did?"I hissed menicingly.

"Stop it! I'm scared!"Cried Grace. "This is freaking me out, and I NEVER get scared!"

"FFFFFine! I will. But Anna wont be the same!"

"Really?"They all said.

"No!!! Mwahahaaa!"I snarled.


"Because I'M Anna! This is ME  now! I turned bad. I'm bad. I don't wanna be! Help me! Save me!"I whispered. My old self returning then just as quickly, it disappeared. "DON'T!"

"Fine! You asked for it Anna! This is now operation: Sava the old Anna!"Declared Ali.

"No....Your wrong Ali....."Then I faded into the darkness.

I would never ever be the same. I knew that.

The bad man did this to me. He did this...This is HIS fault.


I came back to my old self for a bit. I tydied my room. Placing all the things in the correct places.

Then I wrote VERY clearly on the window:

                                                   Help Me.

The End

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