Ali: Lee

My mind was whirling, on overdrive. Lee had come to The House! I hadn't seen him in so long. A fragment of memory flared briefly; Lee covered in blood, a dark room, a lot of pain and the smell of death. I  pushed it down again, focusing on showing Lee around. We're gonna have to talk about it sometime.. James left us..and Lee doesn't realise that it was him that was to blame for Cassie..

I caught the smell of burning, which got stronger as we went to the kitchen. Black smoke was pouring out from under the door, which I opened, then burst out laughing. Kalea was concentrating on a pan which seemed to be the source of all the smoke. We made introductions, and I took Lee on, to show the rest of the house. We chatted and joked like old times as we used too.

"And thats The House" I said, as we finished up in the hallway by our rooms. There was a moment of slight awkwardness. I took a breath, about to bring up the subject when Lee spoke

"I'm going to get some sleep," he said quickly "See ya."  He ducked quickly into his room before I could reply

He blames himself. He's not gonna be pleased when he finds out it was basically my fault.

 I went to my own room. It had been a long day and if anyone wanted me, they could come find me.

The End

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