Kalea: Meeting the Newbies

I'm cooking. Or well, I'm attempting to.

You see, I have never really actually cooked before. And I'm afraid it's not going well, judging from the thick black smoke slowly filling up the kitchen.

"Shoot, shoot, shoot," I mutter to myself.

"Woah, Kalea, don't need to set the whole place on fire!"

I turn around to see Ali and a man I have never seen before in the doorway. Ali is grinning ear to ear and her companion looks highly amused by now receding smoke.

"This is Lee," Ali says, her smile getting wider. "He's an old friend."

"Hi, Lee," I shake his hand.

"So what are you? Another human?" He looks at me curiously. "You don't seem like one."

"I'm a fairy," I reply. "Just a fairy."

"Oh. Ok." He turns away. He doesn't ask why I haven't got any wings. He just accepts it. 

"I'm going to take him to greet the others," Ali says, already heading out the door. "Has Anna calmed down now?"

"Not yet," I reply. "I'll go check on her in a minute." I look at the ruined food. Got to clean this up first though.

Lee is about to leave. "Wait," I call after him. "What are you?"

He smiles, a vampirish smile. "Me? I'm a shapeshifter."

And then he leaves.

I turn back to the burnt food and sigh. I wonder if... it might work. I click my fingers. Immediately, the pan is clean again.

What? That's impossible. I stare at my hand. I shouldn't still be able to use magic. I haven't got my wings. But it worked.

I leave the kitchen almost skipping on my way to see Anna.

Before I get to her room, I notice one of the empty rooms now has someone inside, pacing up and down. I knock on the door.

"Um, hi," I say. The girl inside jumps.

"Sorry for intruding, just wanted to say hello," I smile brightly at her.

"Are you human?" she asks.

"Nope. Fairy."

"Oh. Is anyone here human?" 

"Not as far as I know."

Suddenly a huge bang and a shout comes from down the corridor.

"Excuse me," I say. "I think the resident poltergeist is having a tantrum."

The End

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