Lee: Old Friends and New Faces

"Lemme up Ali" I grunted, shving her off me. I'd noticed a girl step over us in the door, and she dissappeared upstairs.

"LEE!" Ali was yelling "OMIGOD! I haven't seen you in so long! I thought that last mission had finished you and when I lost you in the city... I really thought I had lost you then" she flung her arms around my neck again. "I missed you" she murmured into my neck. I hugged her back just as hard

"I know," I said "I missed you too 'Li...But would you mind letting go? I kinda can't breathe"

She giggled and started talking at top speed, telling me about the House, and the people there.

"I can't believ you just turned up like this, cool as anything, right when we need someone with some kinda know-how! Its like you're psykic or somtething!"

I grinned at her, signing my name in the book. I looked up

Grace, pretty name for a pretty girl. And she's human.. I wonder what Ali's going to make of that?

"Ali," I said, breaking into the constant stream of babble. Something about a mean ghost "Hate to interrupt and all but I am kinda tired..and I spent the past few weeks living as a wolf to escape what we ran into in that city.. "

She got my drift

"Sorry Lee," she grinned ruefully, showing the tiniest hint of fang "Y'know what I'm like when I get excited.. and it's been way too long since I saw you"

"Too right" I returned, grabbing her in a bear hug "So you can wait a bit longer, like til after I have had a shower?"

She laughed loudly, shoving me off,

"Too right mister, you really stink!"

"Charming as ever" I noted

She winked back, "Race you upstairs"

She won, as usual. I stuck my tounge out at her, and got into my room, grinning.

Ali! Of all the people to be here! I see things are going to be fun at least.. Though I wonder why she left the city? I thought she had settled down. She even had a fella if I remember right. I hope she's ok. I'll check on her once I've had a shower..she's right-I do stink!

I grinned ruefully, taking my top off. I flicked the shower on in the ensuite and came back into the main room to grab a fresh top when a girl walked in. Since she seemed to be human, I assumed this must have been Grace

"Erm, hi" she said, going red. "I'll...come back later...when you aren't busy.."

I laughed, "Don't worry about it, if you can stand the smell, I'll keep my top off for you" I winked at her

She giggled reluctantly. She was still blushing. I grinned at her. "If it makes you feel any better, I'll put a top on?"

She shook her head, biting her lip a little. "No, I'd better let you take your shower." She flashed a quick smile at me and ducked out of the door

"My names Lee by the way" I called after her. 

Hmm, something more interesting...now, about that shower..

When I finally got out, fully dressed, Ali was sitting on my bed

"Lucky I know you like to get dressed quick" she giggled

I rolled my eyes. "Time for the grand tour?"

"Yup," she chirped "And no shifting buster, else you'll be in deep.."

"Ok, ok!" I said loudly "I get the picture" I shoved her out "Lead on, oh greatly irriating pixie leader"

She poked her tounge out at me, and lead me downstairs. Let the tour commence..

The End

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