Ali: Trouble

I ran out of my room, hearing the screams still echoing in the corridor. They seemed to be coming from Anna's room, I realised. That couldn't be good..

I saw Alice in the corridor, and she looked just as worried as I was.. I had apologised for scaring her earlier but she scooted back into her room

Tirs Ami came out at the same time. She had obviously heard all the noise.

"Coming to investigate?" I asked her, slightly excited since this place was turning out to be a lot more interesting than I had thought it would be. She nodded and came with me.

I opened the door to see stuff flying around everywhere, just like in the living room, only a lot more violent. Tirs Ami dissappeared, for a moment, returning with Alice. Anna kept screaming, sounding like she was in tears.

"Anna! Please, stop! This isn't like you!" I yelled, but the crash of the dresser falling over drowned me out.

I shut the door on her, turning to face Tirs Ami and Alice.

"We need a plan" Tirs said quietly.

I nodded in agreement.

"Just one problem," I piped up "Could any of you actually see her...? She's turned.. I know only this much about ghostie ghoulie things and thats when they go bad, they go real bad. Call me a coward if you want but I don't wanna make her any madder than she is now."

There was a huge BANG from right behind the door.

"Shall we take this someplace a lil quieter?" I said Or safer I added in my head.

When I got to the top of the stairs, which overlooked the main hall, I froze. Standing in the hall was a male figure I knew all too well. With a yell, I lept down the stairs and threw myself on him.

The End

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