Alice: Awakening

I woke up and was still very scared. I had slept for aleast 2 hours. I lept out of bed and ran to be couch. The only problem was they had a fake T.V there. Oh well. I went to the kitchen. No real food.  Oh no! I checked every where to find it all fake. I don't want to go out side!

I guess I had made a little to much noise. Tirs and Ali walked in. Ali was in first, and looked at me. She said that she was sorry she frightend me and left. Either that was out of her nature or she was good. I wanted to tell myself she was good but I didn't know.

I left the room and everyone would look at me. I heard a scream and headed staight back to my room. I was not gonna yell but I was not about to run to the sorce again.

When I was in the safty of my house I stated calming down. Tirs came back in. I didn't even know if she leaft. She said that someone was hit in the back of there head by the goust. I was ready to investagate.

Or not. When I got there I saw the girl hating what she was doing and yet kept going. she had started destroying everything she saw breakable. It seemed as if she had started a ton already. I ran back but this time not to my room with my house inside. I ran to warderd Tirs. She was deep in thought so i drove onto her foot.

She came out of her haze and I started with the words, "We need a plan."

The End

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