Anna: Change.


I feel.....Odd, I feel ANGRY!!!!Like I want to hurt some one or smash things up. I'm now not visible to anyone. I' m sitting on the dining room table. I'm tempted to throw the flower vase at Kalea, who is filling up a glass of water.

I can't resist the urge! I'm turning into a REAL poulterguist!

I picked it up and lobbed it at the back of her head, then I bolted when she started to cry, because she was bleeding. I know all of them will be angry. But I don't care...I DON'T GIVE A DAMN!!!! THEY CAN ALL GO SCREW THEMSELVES!!!!

I can't help it. I lets out a shriek of rage and threw books off the shelves, I smashed up mirrors and anything breakable, I destroyed the wallpaper, I pulled the legs off of the tables and chairs. I'd left destruction in my wake.

I stormed up to my room, it was simple. No seating, just a mat in the middle and a fireplace.

I sat on the mat. And cried(with no tears.), I screamed and bawled and kicked and punched. My room was now a tip. I wanted to hurt something! It was HORRIBLE!I hated this feeling inside me, like I have to hurt people! I don't want to! I want to be ME, a kind 10 year ols girl, who smiles and plays with the dolls in the toy room! I don't wanna be a 'friggin poulterguist!!!!!!

I....I....I want to live.

The End

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