Ali: Dinner and Confusion

I had been hiding in my room. I was HUNGRY and I didn't want to hurt anyone. I was trying to figure out what to do about it, since I was still a little scared of that polter-whatsit. (She had informed me that she wasn't a ghost but I had trouble saying what she had called herself.) I knew there were other creatures in the house (I'd heard them). My stomach growled. All of a sudden,  Anna popped up through the floor.

"OMYGOD!" I yelled, jumping off the bed. I still wasn't used to that.

"Sorry, some one has kocked on the door!" she whipsered. Then walked out THROUGH the door. Shaking my head I opened mine, walked down and found her there, looking paler than usual. Something told me to NOT make a smart remark.

"What is it?" I asked.

"The bad man!"she stuttered. "He's here...for me!"

"The bad man? Do you mean the guy who killed you? Do you want me to kill him?" I asked gently, trying not to sound eager. I could smell he was human through the door.

She nodded, then shook her head quickly. Dammit.

"I want to do it" she said, openin the dorr

"Hello, Thompson." she hissed, sounding REAL scary.

"A..a..anna?"He shrieked. "IS THIS A SICK JOKE?" He backed away from the door. She lunged at hi with a kife I didn't see THAT appear!

He fell to the floor. Jerking wildly. Bleeding. Aw man...I'm hungry..

"A...a...Anna! Didn'!"He choked, then lay still.

"He's all yours."she said, not too happy. I fell on him with relief. I could tell she was disgusted but I couldn't help it. I was hungry. You didn't call someone who ate human food horrible. I just had a different diet.

Some high-pitched screaming interrupted me. I cringed. I hated that kind of reaction. I looked up to see Alice running off. I ran after her, making sure I was clean. I didn't want to scare her too much, but I felt kinda bad. I ran into Kalea and Tirs Ami in the hall.

"She ran into a little incident downstairs...and saw me chowing down on the dead guy..." I twisted my mouth. "I think I scared her a bit."

I looked in and saw her passed out in bed.

Now I feel really bad.

The End

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