Alice: not as nice as wonder land

I heard something weird so I followed the sound to the front door. It had been alot easier to hear because I had a little better hearing then humans. I soon got to the source.

It was a grusome site. Someone in the front had been stabbed in the neck and th pixie was drinking up the blood. I probablly would have remembered  the pixies name exspect I was dubstruck. I screamed. It was all the wrose for people to hear because my voice is pretty high.

I ran to my room locked the door and jumped in my house. I ran to my small but comfy bed, hid under the covers and kept screaming. I know, i'm a wimp.

I heard some people running to the door and looking through the open door.  None of them freaked out like me. I fainted,not having enough breath to stay awake.

The End

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