Bad man.


Knock-Knock-Kock. There was a knock on the big door of the house.A knock on the door? No one EVER knocks on the door! I'm confused.

I disappeared and reappeared in Ali's room.

"OHMIGOD!"She cried.

"Sorry, some one has kocked on the door!"I whipsered. I walked out through the door(THROUGH the door.).

Ali opened it. I slammed it shut in the mans face.

"What is it?2 Ali asked.

"The bad man!"I stuttered. "He's here...for me!"

"The bad man? Do you mean the guy who killed you? Do you want me to kill him?" She said gently.

I nodded. Then shook my head.

"No...I want to!"I declaired. I made a knife hover in the air. I turned invisible.

I opened the door. He look wary.

"Hello, Thompson."I hissed, I sounded like a REAL ghost.

"A..a..anna?"He shrieked. "IS THIS A SICK JOKE?" He backed away from the door. The knife and I lunged onto his back. The knife dug into the back of him neck. He coughed up some gooey red stuff...Blood....Vengence felt good.

He fell to the floor. Jerking wildly.

"A...a...Anna! Didn'!"He choked, then lay still.

"He's all yours."I said grimly. Ali practically squealed with glee. She hadn't fed for a while. She jumped on him. Then drank his blood. I pulled a face.

I felt...Different..Like...I would be going soon...Hmmmm.....

The End

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