I singed the book and took the key. It was really big appared to my small fragile hands.  It was even harder because of my body size. I chiped my naturely long nails.

I saw another girl enter. She said she wasn't human and I told her I was, not wanting to freak her out about being the only human. Finnally I came to the relizeation that she was infact not human.

I then said, "I'm not human ither although I didn't want to make you feel bad if you really were." I said it seiriously so she would belive me.   And even if she didn't belive my words she'd end up coming to the correct awnser. I mean, I have doll perfect blonde hair, long and wavy. My eyes are light blue with long lashes and my pace pale with no birth marks or any thing wrong. She'll hopefully get the picture.

I quickly took the key and found my room. I had check marked the option of a kids room, so when I went in it was paridise. With doll house big enough for me and three other dolls I was content.

There was a childs bed but I took the doll house over. Whe I came out I asked the new girl, Ami, If she'd help me move funisher. She was ok with it and helped me move out the bed out to a storage room, take the three doll houses and put them alined on the wall opisite of the door. With the biggest one in middle and the rest smaller on the wall lines I had myself a personal town, Walla!

The End

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