Tirs Ami: Ah!

I smiled softly, and wrote my name down in the open book on the side neatly. I smile. Three other names were in the book already. I walked, holding the key with a number 3 on it. I smiled. I felt the presence of three creatures in the house. I sighed. Maybe one was some kind of apparition, or spirit, I like spirits of sorts, or "Hi there!" came a voice. I let out a little growl from my thoat, and I turned. No one. "Oh, sorry!" said the voice, and a girl appeared. She looked bout 10 or 11. She was a spirit. I think. Well, I thought, untill she picked up a little apple from the desk, and threw it into the air, then caught it again. She threw it over her shoulder as she walked back over, her hands behind her back.

"Ah! A poltergueist, am I right?" I asked. She gave a little nod. She seemed very  bubbly. Usually a potergueist is 'born' when a person had a reason to be bound to the earth when they die. I didn't ask, incase of being insesitive. "Are you a human?" She asked. I smiled, and shook my head. Then I heard, "You're not human? You look it." I looked around, and the poltergueist looked down. A person the size of a doll stood there. I smiled, and knelt down. "Hey. I'm Tirs Ami. You can call me Tirs, or Ami, or Tirs Ami, or T.A.!" I said with a laugh. She smiled. I stood back up, and saw a door open.

"A human in the house now, is it?!" came a shout. I gave a groan. I was sick of people thinking I was human. A 'girl' sat on the banister, and slid down, landing on her feet. I smiled. "I'm not human by the way. No point trying to bite me." I pointed out, for I knew she was some sort of Pixie. She frowned. I sat on the banister, smiling at the three. I guessed the Pixie was Ali, from  the book. I gave a wave to them all. "I'm Tirs Ami, I am a Land Siren. I am the odd one out in the Siren community. I'm kind. I don't kill unless I'm forced to." I smiled. They glancd at each other.

"If you have any enemies, my new friends, they better watch out, when I'm about." I smiled, winked, and giggled. 

The End

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