Tirs Ami: A Musical Outsider

Hi, I'm Tirs Ami. You can call me Tirs, Ami, or both. Tirs is Latvian for 'pure', and Ami is French for 'friend'. So I'm the pure friend. I have long shiney black hair, that when its in a plait, reaches my bottom. When its out of the plait, it reaches my thighs. I am quite pale, with rose red lips. My eyes are lilac, and m pupils are rather like a cat's. Quite a lot of boys fall for me. But then again, I am a Land Siren.

I'm not like other Sirens. They like to lure men to thier death, while I don't. They use their voice and bodies as a weapon, I use my voice to entertain, and sometimes seduce, but not often. I didn't belong with the other Sirens, so I left, trying to find home. It doesn't help that I'm a French Siren. They are more sedutive than others. They can't help it though. So if you catch me at the wrong tie of year, it might be the last year you see. My prents had to strap me down when I came to 14, since they didn't want me to harm anyone. Yet. I am 16 years old now, and happy about it.

I walked up to the door of the house, and I could sense others inside. I knew this place was special. I opened the door, singing to myself. I closed the door behind me, smiling to myself, hoping I would find home.

The End

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