Alice: In wonderland?

I say Ali though she was very scary. I being filled with blood, didn't want to be a meal. Although, I don't have the same type blood, she may like a tast. Run! My mind said. No, she can probably out run me so . . ., I decided to look up and freaze. Maybe if I act dumb she'll think i'm a doll that can stand . . ., Nah, that would be false.

I kept thinking these horrible thoughts tell I noticed she had written me a note. I read it and was relived. Fewf! I was gonna be alright.

I saw the quest list and added my name. It had one too many names. Hmm? I didn't see any other people on my way . . .

I looked over and saw an goust? Yep, no joke! I wasn't quite as afraied but still, I thought when you said you saw a goust it was a figure of speach, apparently not!

The End

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