Ali: Well, It Could Have Been Worse?

I walked down the stairs again, after dumping my bag in room 1, and standing in the entrance hall was a very short human.

Well that didn't last long. Aw, I can't touch a kid..

"Erm, hi?" I said, hopefully. Something smelled odd.. but I couldn't put my finger on it.

She just stared at me, looking like she had seen a ghost or something. When I pointed this out to her, she didn't seem to take it too well. I shifted a little. This was getting a little awkward. My big mouth again..

"I'm Ali" I said smiling (whilst also hiding my fangs, which wasn't all that easy) "What's your name?"

She still stayed quiet.

Oh, I give up! I wanna explore.. if she's scared of me, well, I'll just have to show her I'm not all that bad.. if she gives me a chance..

"Well, I'm in Room 1 if you want to find me, although I'm going to go for a walk around the house for a bit. I'll see you around?"

Still nothing. I supressed a sigh and went off to what I assumed was the kitchen. Rummaging around, I found some fresh fruit and chocolate (weird but I wasn;t going to complain) and took it to room 2. I left it there with a little note : I hope you like this, I heard its meant to be nice! Ali x

I left the bowl of fruit and the note on the dresser. Hopefully she would find it. I really didn't want to make a bad impression, even if she was human (although I wasn't so sure, she did smell really odd..)

Anyway, I was poking my head in what looked like a living room, and decided to take a seat, when the room started to move. Literally.

"Ok..." I said, drawing the word out. "Erm..."
The figure of a girl suddenly appeared.

"WOAH!" I yelled jumping over the back of the chair, knocking it over. "Don't creep up on people like that!

"I'm not going to hurt you! I'm..."

"No offense, but your aim is lousy. You missed me with that bookcase." I said, and ran out, thoroughly creeped out, and trying not to feel guilty for being rude.

Tooweirdtooweirdtooweird- I'm outta here! I thought, running, without thinking much else.

It was then I realised I had gotten totally lost.

"DAMMIT!" I said, spinning around in a circle.

"I wasn't going to hit you with that bookcase" came the voice from behind me.

"Ah.. um.. Hi there?" I said awkwardly. Me and my big mouth

The End

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