Not so Alone


I trudged along to the guest book, that no one has ever written in. I folded my arms, and made the book open with my poulterguist powers. My eyes blulged as I looked at the first page of the qurst book. TWO NAMES!!!!!

Ali and Kalea. Cool. The swirled around, making things fly about as I did so. I stopped to see a very suprised girl.

"Who's there?"She squeaked. Obviously she couldn't see me. I made myself visible.

"Heyyyy!" I grinned. "I'm Anna! I'm a poulterguist!" She looked quite shocked.

"Um, hi."She said giving s little wave. Yay! I've met some one.

"Do you know who the other girl is? Ali?" I asked brightly, well as brighly as a dead person could. She shook her head, a quick jerky movement.

"Oh well!"I sighed, then I disappered and threw some more stuff about in my dance.


The End

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