Kalea: Arriving

I've been walking for ages and ages. Longer than I have ever walked before. Partly because I keep walking ways that generally are only passable if you have wings. Each time I remember the accident, I feel a sharp pain of regret in my chest. All those if only's...

Up ahead is a house. It's my next point. I keep making up points to get to. It helps me to keep going. But I feel like I'll collapse soon. I haven't eaten in three days. My legs are numb with cold and fatigue. All I'm wearing is a spidersilk dress. No shoes. No gloves, scarf or anything like that. Where I come from it is warm. This world is like ice.

I've reached the house. I can see the open door. It looks warm inside to me. It looks inviting. For a moment, I forget that I can't enter houses. I just want to go up to the door and collapse on the floor.

I push the door open and enter in.

It seems like a reception type room. Like for a hotel. For a moment I feel confused. Then I jump. I shouldn't be able to stand here. I can't enter a house without permission. I run outside and stand by the door. How was I able to even stand in there? I check myself over. All here. Why then...?

I spot the sign over the door. Of course. Everyone Welcome. I breathe a huge sigh of relief and go back indoors. That's as good an invitation as any.

The guestbook has only one name in it; Ali. I write my name as neatly as I can underneath. Not my whole name, that would take far too long. I debate on whether to put a fake name, in case my family come looking for me, but in the end I just put down Kalea.

I put the pen down and turn around. Across the room stands a pixie. She looks fairly young but I can tell she has killed before. I can smell the blood.

This would usually be the point that I would fly away. I would escape as quickly as possible. But I can't. I'm stuck. I realise what I must look like. A shortish human, albeit with slightly luminescent skin. A human nonetheless.

Suddenly I wish I hadn't left home after all.

The End

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