Ali is a pixie who seems stuck around the age of 16. A tough little cookie (no pun intended!) Ali often finds that her big mouth gets her into a lot of trouble. She often ends up doing a lot of running and fighting, as a result of her various misendevers. Pixies also live off human blood, which doesn't make things any easier for Ali ( as seen in Ali: Arrivals)

Despite her child-like appearances, Ali is a tough and dangerous fighter, when she needs to be, and a formiddable vampire slayer. Having said that, she only kills when she needs to, and tries to avoid fights where she can.

Ali is often rejected by her kin, but tries not to let that get her down. She's fun-loving, and feircely loyal to anyone who can put up with her for long enough to be her friend. A good person to have with you in a fight, Ali is secretly a big sweetheart, and just needs to be given the opportunity to show it.

The End

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