Meet: Alice

My name's Alice. You wouldn't think of me as a person, because of my height. I'm 2 feet tall and almost full grown. I'm no human nor dwarf. I'm not stubby just tiny. My race is one of the biggest but isen't noticed.

I was an altogether good doll.  I was kind to the person who layed with me yet I was alive. People kill us when they put is in bags or boxs whitch is why so little of us are alive appered to the amount dead.

I wondered of after my owner, with tears, put me in a box to give to good will. I'm only alive because the girl who owned me thought I was alive and insisted that no box top be put over me.

I jumped out of the box and made my way to the forest for refuge. I knew that if i wasn't owned anymore i'd turn real any would have blood, just diffrent then a humans.

I was unhappy about my long time friend who had to give me up. She was nice, and had treated me special appared to her other dolls that all died.

All of a sudden I fond a house that was so big, at least in my eyes, a million dolls could fit. I went inside.

The End

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