Ali: Arriving

Running. Again. Why do I always end up running? Oh yeah, I cant keep my mouth shut. Oops.

I had what seemed to be two, maybe three, people on my tail. I would turn round and take a bite, but it would be messy, and I was wearing a new top. Plus, I had just eaten. Which was why they were chasing me. I got busted when they saw me push their buddy into the river. Then they got annoyed when I called him tasty! It was a compliment! (Obviously pixies have a different sense of humour to humans)

Anyway, like I said, running again. I needed somewhere to lie down. Feeding makes me really sleepy. I was running pretty fast down some alleys, when for some reason they gave up.

'Haha, eat my dust! Too fast for ya? Aww, better luck next time chaps!' with that not-so-mature comment, I turned a corner and took off. Literally. I wanted some country air and now seemed like a good time to leave the city.

I flew out to the forests, where I normally went to escape. I went a bit further north than normal, and soon I was flying over what looked like a large house

Looks like I have found my place for the night.

It seemed to be empty, but huge.

Over the door, a sing proudly proclaimed that this was The House.

"Everybody welcome" Huh, we'll see about that... they havent met me yet..

I went in, and found a reception-type room, complete with guest book. I signed in and took the key marked 1. There were no other names in the book

Looks like I have the place to myself then. Nice.

Pocketing the key, I decided go for a wander.

The End

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