I thought I was safe. They promised me refuge. I said yes. They killed me.

I'm Anna, I'm a poulterguist. Like a ghost, but I can move things. They were nice at first, the ladies. They talked to me, promised to keep me safe from the bad man. Then the bad man came into the house, he laughed at me. Then told the nice ladies to kill me. And they did.

I didn't want to die. But I did.

I died when I was 10. I'm 10.

I came accross here when I was doing my 'wandering soul' act. I live here now. But I'm going to find the bad man one day. I'm going to kill him.

I have orange hair in a bob. My eyes are brown. I wear I black wooly cardigan and blue jeans. I'm bare foot. You can see me. I'm not white. I'm in full colour. It's just you can't touch me. But I can touch you! Hehehee!

I like it here. It's fun, and this time I know I'm safe!

The End

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