The House

Ok, not an imaginative title but there are worse ones out there. This is a house (or hotel) for any stray legends, myths or fantasy creature looking for shelter. Come and go as you please. The only request is that you tell us how you got here and a little about yourself. Thanks and enjoy your stay

Yes, I am going to use the first chapter to set out how this thing works, sorry guys!

Basically, I don't mind swearing or gore or anything but keep the X-rated stuff to a minimum if you can.

Your character(s) can be anything from vampire to unicorn, pixie to human- its totally up to you.

Your first chapter should be an introduction, telling us who you are, and maybe a little of how you got here. Just title it with Introducing: follwed by your name, eg. Introducing: Max, and you can come and go as you please.

And I'm sorry but I am not organised enough to keep an updated list of everyone in The House but I will do my best, if it takes a while for your character to be up there, I am sorry! I will also put up a few details on characters as they come through

Other than that, its up to you.


The End

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