The Day The Music Died

I winced. All of these voices in my heard were babbling on, now added to that of my Author. I lay there, shaking. The Radio seemed to whimper beside me, or was that Ara? No, definately the Radio, as it curled up next to me, playing 'Thanks for the Memories' bitterly.

"Oh you're cheerful." I muttered at it. Ara looked down, patting my head softly, murmuring. "Are you speaking Latin?" I asked, raising my eyebrows.

"I don't know what Author is writing anymore." he sighed.

I felt clouds roll into my vision. I rolled onto my back, my wings disappearing, my horn still in place. I grabbed Ara's hand. He gulped. Some of the others crouched or stood over me. I just smiled. Kate, Raven, Matthew the Mouse, Jyll, and of course, Ara.

I spotted a little candle. I made it float over to me. It sat by my head, and flickered into light. The music changed, and I sang along softly.

Rainclouds come to play again.

Has no one told you she's not breathing?

Hello, I'm your Author, giving you someone to, hello

Soon I'll wake up from this dream,

Don't try to fix me, I'm too broken

Don't Cry.... A tear rolled down my cheek, as the mists clouded my vision. I couldn't see, or feel anything. Only the radio switch songs again, as my last thought came to my mind. The Radio.

The Day The Music Died...

The End

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